The update is finally here! Take Bingus hygiene seriously with a new task, including a new Tank room! With the new reworked food and electrical system. Use code "CLASSICFORME" for 2323 Flop Bucks!

🛸Welcome to Floppa Corporation! Your task is to take care of Bingus. Team up with 5 others and keep Bingus well and alive. As time went on things in the basement might start to break, prepare for the worst. Can you become the BEST Bingus Caretaker? Play today😾

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Game by: copsyndrome
Arts by: keeratisatian
Music by: Steveanka
Animations by: hungrydungy

Tags: Bingus, Floppa, Basement, Facility, Sogga, Multiplayer, Teamwork, Management, Survival, Survive,Cat,Im in your walls.. Don't look behind you... This is not a joke,..


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