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Welcome to Cozmo and Friends: Team Battle! Play as Cozmo in awesome battle games where you fight to collect the most score cubes whilst using your special abilities to come out on top. 
Explore Codi’s bedroom as Cozmo, Cavu and Whizzmo and collect coins to use in the shop to customise Cozmo and show him off to your friends

New map! Blizzard Blast!
Battle your way through the frosty mountains to the log cabin, but watch out: there's a blizzard coming!!

RoboPass! - Season 4: 'Winter Wonders'
- Select the mods and emotes you take into battle
- Unlock new mods on the RoboPass

🤖 Explore as three different robots!
👑 Explore exciting levels!
💰 Earn coins to upgrade your own Cozmo!
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