Welcome to Parkour Modded, an objectively better version of Parkour
We have everything that Parkour does except we have some of our own unique features, and we added back some old features that you may have missed!

We also support mobile!

Here are some features that make our game special:
We added Caches back into the game
You are now able to use Magrail on Timetrials
All the gamepasses are unlocked! (Grappler, Glider, Radio, Powergrip, Freerunning, etc.)
Bags spawn MUCH more frequently
Map Expansion
Decreased the amount of grinding required to level up
New and better rank names for levels 400+
More unlockable gloves and gears (Some gloves their own special passives!)
SLJ Dash is back
More Missions and you don't have to wait hours for them to refresh
An Arcade Machine that you can hack to get GREAT rewards or you can use to level up your point gain / xp turn in multiplier!
Daily Login rewards that can give you a good amount of points that SCALES with your levels!


There are currently no running experiences.