very epic game about finding refrigerators and morphing into them
(Note: This game is harder than some Find the Games and is more difficult to complete)

🍔 explore various islands and discover unique Fridges 🍔
🌀 morph into Fridges you Find and live out your dream of being a refrigerator 🌀
✨find Rare Mythical Fridges✨
🔥Complete Obbies and Puzzles 🧩
❓why did I make a game about refrigerators?❓

👍if you enjoy the game please leave a like it helps out a ton👍

🪲 If you find any bugs or have feedback please tell me in my group!/about 🪲

game heavily inspired by: Find the Markers, Find the Troll Faces, and Find the Cornbreads. Check them out as well!


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