📌 Use code "! CODE PLSPLSPLAY" in the Chat which gives Free Fast Spins!

🔥Free Gear 5 Mythic Event:
- When you will join the game an Ui will pop up on your screen, click on it to claim your Free Gear 4 Fruit for a Limited Time (20 mins)
- This is a limited event that will end in 24 hours and will re-added to the game every Sunday!

Halloween Boss Drops:
- Divine Fruit (0.05% drop chance)
- Mythical Fruit (0.5% drop chance)
- Prem Spin (0.5% drop chance)
- 1k Fast Spins (0.5% drop chance)

🏴 A Piece is a Meme One Piece game in which you will encounter multiple anime content and can level up faster, increase your worth in game and top the leaderboard 🏴 

📌 Level Cap: 1T, Beli Cap: 700B & Stats Cap: 2T
🌊 Seas: 1,2,3 & 4


There are currently no running experiences.