Developer: @kvrey 🔨📜

Game Tips 💡: 
✅ Check out the "Menu" for Player Upgrades, and Game Products!
✅ Need extra coins? Join the community server for in-game codes!
✅ Invite friends for more of a fun time!
✅ Most importantly, have fun!

Main Controls 🎮:
Dunking - Space Key / RT Button / Green Shoot / Dunk Button
Shooting - E Key / X Button / Green Shoot / Dunk Button
Passing - (1, 2, 3 / Y, LB, RB) Icon above Teammates Head
Switch Hands - R Key / B Button / Switch Hands Button

Special thanks to Hood Modded for the Tonka/Bell FX!
GFX Icon and Thumbnail artist: desturxbarrurte 
Map Designer/Builder: stealtherich

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