(Note: The game is designed to be played in first person but if you don't like that feature you can simply turn it off by pressing the Eye Icon)

Welcome to....DETENTION! Mr Pickle is the most unfair Teacher in the school, He's Keeping you in Detention over the whole weekend! THATS NOT FAIR! Lets....BREAK OUT! 

Travel through this crazy school and avoid traps, Solve puzzle and of course avoid MR PICKLE! 
Once you beat the game on Easy mode, Why not try HARD MODE!?
With much more challenging obstacles and puzzle to solve, Challenge your self to the hard mode!

Other challenges:
- Beat the game on Easy Mode without dying
- Beat the game on Hard Mode without dying
- Find the Secret Badge #1
- Find the Secret Badge #2 (Only in Hard Mode)

-Game is Console Compatible-

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GREAT SCHOOL BREAKOUT! (First Person Obby) created by -
FatPapsGamesLtd (PlatinumFalls)


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