[UPDATE] Watch out... the cyborgs have been let loose! They can be hiding anywhere and just wanna tear you apart. We've given you some extra weapons to help deal with them. Get the Emotion Belt to use Calm and Fear grenades... these work on other players too!

Enter the dark and dangerous streets of C R O I X NOIRE, but be sure get yourself tooled up with weapons from the Colonel - you’ll need to defend yourself.

Clock up extra ammo and weapons, upgrades and points as you pass the noisy clubs and bars, which blast out a variety of new songs by Ace Hansel Jr (the hero of the amazing comic series)! 

The music seems to help you get the feel of where you are. But you can hear footsteps! Are they yours or someone else's? Someone is nearby - and they aren’t looking for you to buy you a present. They are after you. 

Have fun stayin’ alive!


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