Game is back.
still in update.
im gonna be add big update soon.

Script/animation/Model : HUNTER(RGM79_GM)
Serverscript : Energy2 (TAOIGAGI)
shatterdome : Federal (FedEx) Villa

We apologize for the repeated server shutdowns.
in the shutdown we are making improvements to make the game play better.

This game is inspired by the movie “Pacific Rim”

This game is a role-playing game.
Roleplay on servers with  people!

----READ THIS----
For game advice or game suggestions, message me. When the owner is in-game.
And if you find someone who violates the game rules, I would appreciate it if you could notify me by message.
This is a Kaiju Roblox Game Related to games like Godzilla, Kaiju Universe, Project Kaiju. Pacific Rim Game

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