You wake up.
It's around 7:58 AM.
School starts around 8:00 AM.
You are going to be Late if you don't hurry and rush to your class within 2 minutes.
Will you be Late, or will you make it on time?
Find out on this wacky adventure!

This Roblox experience is an ending-based experience inspired by the hit Roblox experiences known as 'get a snack at 4 am' and 'Roblox NPCs are becoming smart!'.

This game is no longer being worked on, no more endings or anything, only bug fixes, I wish to move on to new projects, ty!!!!

EthererElsie - Lead Developer/Owner
DAILYGAMER551 - Community Manager/Designer
Night_Rider1797 - Main Game Tester
BlueAnimatesAndPlays - Animator and Art
R4YHERO - Thumbnail Art and R.B. Character Idea
DaChilli - Builder
Unknown Cat Person (They didn’t wanna be credited so this is the next best thing) - Art
cermekali3 - DLC Tester/Bug Finder
FluffyDuck_S - 3D Modeler
And a bunch of other people that will be in the in-game credits!


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