🔴 Welcome to RoTube Life! 
In this game, your goal is to gain as many subscribers as you can and become the biggest rotuber in the world! 

⚠️ Console is not fully supported. You must have a keyboard and a mouse to play!

UPDATE 6.7 for RoTube Life!
🎄Christmas Event is over! All 14 Christmas items are now only obtainable through trading!

🤿 New Abyss PC set!
🛹 🌓 New Lunar Hoverboard set! 2 Hoverboards for the price of 1! (LIMITED)
🏂 New Snowboard hoverboard! Obtainable through the Hoverboards chest
📦 New Starter Pack! (only for new players)
🔢 Added support for number abbreviations up to 1e300
✨ Updated Robux Shop

⭐Use code "1MYoutubers" & "300KLikes" ⭐

🤪 Record, Edit and Upload videos 
🤳 Start vlogging 
🖥️ Upgrade your setup 
🏠 Decorate and upgrade your house 
🔑 Open chests and unlock upgrades 
🤖 Fight the robot boss 
🌟 Gain millions of subscribers! 
🏆 Win awards 
💼 Start your very own Studio!

By Play! Studios


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