IMPORTANT: Please don't buy the gamepasses for this game as they will not work and you won't get your item here as they'll only work in the roleplay versions of the game.

You can now get an exclusive weapon which is the baseball bat only able to obtain in roleplay! Group: 

The zombies... they're back... but more competitive! All survivors are fighting against the infected together or you can be the infected and go against those who were once your friends. Fight and survive as long as you can or slash down on the survivors! 

Notice: This game is still in development and is not done. This is not the final version. This has taken place of "Zombie Apocalypse Survival" for now. 

Thanks to NOOBY12310 for doing rigged weapon animations!
Thanks to ScoutAbout2005 for weapon sounds.

Game created by the Rainbow Omega Group.


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