To become a Witch you must sign the fast contract during the witching hour, which can be found in your inventory as a Mortal. This choice will determine whether you become a Pag Witch or a Weak Witch. As a Witch, you can progress by using an advancement scroll after signing the book of the beast.

To transform into a Fairy, you must swim in the Fairy pool only during the witching hour and a blue moon.

For those seeking to become a Hex Witch, you can use the mind stone that spawns approximately every 35-40 minutes, available to Advanced and Pag Witches with a 30% chance of success unless bought.

To ascend to an Angel, you can acquire a celestial stone from the merchant or find it when it spawns in various locations throughout the map having a 0.1% chance, occurring every 5 minutes.

To become a Fallen Angel, you must consume the forbidden fruit as an Angel with a 50% chance of success which spawns every 45-50 minutes.

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