Update for February 24th:
The game is now officially 2 years old. To celebrate, I will be doing nothing except releasing one new map. It's very small. It's called "GM_Retro_Offices". It won't actually have the normal controls you have in other levels. You can't sprint or roll or anything.

 However, a remastered version of Level 188 will be releasing soon. It will not replace the original level. It will have its own level in the level selector, and so you can tell the difference, it will have "(Remastered)" in its name.

You know exactly what the game is about. Find the exit. That's it. 

Egglord is the man to whom all map credit for the main game belongs. His maps are on the GMod workshop. Credit goes to the other users who created the other GMod maps seen in this game. If you happen to be a creator of one of the maps seen in this game and want me to take it down, I will do so.


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