DO NOT PURCHASE the Luxury or Sports passes if you already owned the Luxury pass in Greenville Beta v3!
You will get access to Luxury and Sports cars automatically without a purchase required. Due to limitations, this is the best we can do, sorry!

Roleplay, drive, and experience a small town atmosphere in Wisconsin with 400+ cars to choose from!


+ Added 7 new cars!
- 2019 Falcon Departure
- 2017 Ferdinand
- 2013 Wolfsburg New Classic
- 2017 Falcon Advance Extra WSP
- 2019 Falcon Departure Security
- 2001 Falcon Prime Eques Security
- 2003 Brawnson Boxy 1500 DoC

+ Added a new building; Hunty's Pizza Palace!
+ Changed the map to an autumn theme!
+ Police cars now have working Spotlights!

⚠ By playing, you agree that the game is incomplete and some core mechanics and shop listings are subject to change.
⚠ If you experience issues, see our social media links below and report the issue there.

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