Hunt down other players and finish them off one by one.
 Team up with other members around the server, and create alliances to be the last one standing.
 Tho the biggest twist is are you going to turn on your friend for the sweet victory? Or are you going to get turned on and watch a bullet hit you in the head, No one knows until you play The Purge

This game is in early access, 100 Robux to play the game.

WARNING: Do not purchase this game if you do not want your experience to be changed, this is early access and gameplay might change at any time.

This game is NOT for tablet or phone users, Not even XBOX, a PC is required to receive full experience of the game, when the game gets more optimized and all the bugs are fixed, we will work on a version for tablet, phone and XBOX.

NOTE: We are not copying any other purge like games, Or even the actual movie, We're just fans of the Movie.


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