Welcome to the 3 Player Among Us Tycoon! [2.0] 🌌🔪

Gather some friends or make new friends!

Like the Game and Join our Group "Planet Tycoon" for an EXTRA $1000 & 35% more cash!

How to play:
Pick a team between 📒 Yellow, 📕 Red, 📘 Cyan, and 📗 Lime. 

Then you will need to choose between 🏗️ Builder, ⚙️ Mechanic, or ⚔️ Fighter! 

You will together build your base and every role is needed to stay alive!

There are hidden 🔑 keys stashed away in every biome surrounding the entire map! 

But what will you find behind every door? That's up to you and your team to find out! 🔍

🚀 UPDATE 2.0: 
* Rebirth & Save!
* New gamepasses! (VIP & More)
* New Dropper!
* New Upgraders!
* Group Bonuses!
* Much more!

You're pretty sus! 🤔

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