Welcome to BloxTube! A game in which fame and fortune can be acquired by any BloxTuber. Create and upload videos and race to the top of the subscriber leaderboard, design your very own luxury home, upgrade your technology or simply hang out with some friends. In BloxTube, the choice is yours. 

(PLEASE READ: In the latest update, everyones subs were reduced to make the game more realistic, as it is harder to make subs now. But you will still be at the same place on the leaderboard as before. Hope you guys understand!)

-Fixed video uploading bug
-Put shop in build mode to make it easier to buy things and then place them
-Remade UI with text labels to allow for localisation in the future

[This game is in its early stages of development (Beta Testing), and will be free upon full release. Please buy at your own risk - there will be bugs.]

I hope you enjoy! 

If you find any bugs or glitches, please message me on here or Twitter and I will fix them.


There are currently no running experiences.