In Incursion, you start out each round as a scientist in a laboratory. Someone screwed up real bad, and now there's a shapeshifting alien running around. Maybe 2. So naturally you can't trust anyone, and you've got to figure out how to survive until rescue arrives. If you're the brood alien, go nuts! Try to infect all the humans, but be discreet about it. If any player dies during the round (dead not infected) they can choose to rejoin the round as a swarm alien, which are weak and cannot shapeshift, but can respawn as many times as they want.

If you spot a bug, please use the ingame feedback screen, or PM Haggie125. Full changelog is ingame and on various social medias.

1.1.1 (9/16/18):
- Moving escape vehicles are now clientside so they should work and look a lot better
- Fixed elevator never being chosen as an escape route
- Other tiny fixes (5/25/18):
- Fixed escape truck not letting humans win

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