| Please let me know of any bug you have found in the game so that I can fix it as soon as possible. |
Xbox players may have problems with controls during gameplay

Thank you guys for continuing to support this game. It has reached over 23 million visits!

Game Status: Beta
Сoming soon: FNaF 3 (maybe FNaF 4 and 6)

Recommended play with 2 ( Coop ) or 3 players.
Also play with 5+ graphics (not counting low devices).
Recommend having 2.5 GB of Free RAM or more for a comfortable gameplay. Minimal 1 GB of Free RAM.

Controls for PC and Xbox:
F | X on Gamepad - Flashlight
Space | LT - Mask (FNaF 2)
Left Control | RT - To light up dark places in cameras (FNaF 2)
Click and hold | LT - To wind up music box (FNaF 2)

FNaF 2 mini-games are available with a 20% probability after pressing the restart button when you died

@ Credits To Original Creator - Scott Cawthon, for this great franchise FNaF ( Five Nights at Freddy's ) @


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