Frontline: Karelia 40 - 44 will bring you into the boots of the common foot soldiers during the Winter & Continuation wars fought between Finland & the Red Army. Step in the path of Heroes, stop the 1944's counteroffensive of the Red Army or open a breach through the Finnish defences, you can be the one to change History !

Capture all of the points, or drain all of your opponent's tickets to win. Increase rank, unlock better weapons, and end these wars once and for all.

For Dev-Logs, join us.
- 10 % XP BONUS if you are a group member !
- 15 % XP BONUS if you are a premium member !

V - Melee hit / Toggle
B / N - Change team / class
F - Build
P - Mute Music
T - Highlight objectives
F8 / F10  - Options / Infos
G - Fire selection

For any inquiries, please contact me directly.
Credits in-game in the info panel. 


There are currently no running experiences.