Meta Mall is a place to shop the avatar catalog, roleplay, meet new friends and explore on the Roblox platform! 🛍️ Try on and purchase any and all Roblox UGC items, limited items, bundles, animations, clothing and more! ✨

✅ Everything Purchased in Meta Mall can be used in all games on Roblox and will be available in your Roblox Inventory!

🛍️ Shop and Try on the ENTIRE Roblox Catalog!
👗 Search and Buy Other Users Entire Outfits!
⭐ Meet and Interact with Your Favorite Star Creators!
🎭 Equip Roleplay Items to Create Fun Situations!
🕺 Express Yourself with Tons of Custom Animations!
💖 Earn Loyalty Points to Unlock Exclusive Features!
👮 Become a Security Officer and Patrol the MetaMall!
🙊 Unlock Many Hidden Easter Eggs and Secrets!


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