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You can now donate or earn Robux while playing the piano.
Donations can take up to a week to receive! you can see your pending Robux here:

Welcome to Digital Piano, the ultimate online piano game that everyone can play.

Might also try this:

Type >cmds to view all custom commands
Type :cmds to view all admin commands
Buying a private server will grant you access to Admin Commands (Co-Owner) but only on your server.

(Joining group will give you Supporter Chat Tag)

Steps on using in-game autoplayer: 
1. Type >auto to open the autoplayer. (In the game chat)
2. Get a qwerty sheets/notes (Can be found in YT/Trello etc) 
3. Click the "Notes (toggle)" button and paste your sheets. 
4. Click the Play button and press the following keybinds given by the autoplayer such as - , = , ] , [ , ;


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