The classic build and battle, but with tanks, and guns! We're in early alpha right now, so expect a lack of content and bugs. Thanks!

Vehicles have been completely redone from the ground up to make controls, and overall feel more consistent. Many new features have been added, such as multi-crewed vehicles, Pressing E to enter any vehicle, vehicle sections that can take damage separately, and repairing, so you can fix your vehicles up after they've taken a few hits. 

VIP Servers have had a major overhaul in terms of functionality. You can now adjust the game settings to your liking. Also you will now be able to open your VIP servers to the public via the ingame server browser. This allows you to fill up your server and play the game the way you want to.

A Main Menu that acts as a lobby has been added, along with squad matchmaking with friends. When in a squad, you'll stay on the same team as your friends across multiple rounds.

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