🍔 Welcome to Bigman Simulator! 🍔
Eat food and become the biggest player possible!

🎂 UPDATE! (16/4/22)
- New areas, codes, pets, quests!
- Changed prices for all food items and all zone areas!
- HATS are now in the game! They provide extra power while eating the cake!
- and much more! Enjoy 🎉

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@gravycatman @EcoCrashed

🍕 Carry Food across the Finish line,
🍟 Eat Cake to Gain Strength and Size,
🥚 Hatch and Collect Pets
🍩 Craft and Upgrade your Pets
🥨 Unlock New Zones.

💎 Group members will get FREE TELEPORT! JOIN NOW: 💎!/about

Inspired by Strongman Simulator 💪
Game created by EcoCrashed and GrumpyGravy.


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