Fumo game but tower defense

Theres No P2W Stuff
Update - The Balance
Reimu Nerfed And Buffed
Marisa Buffed
Sakuya Nerf
Seiran Nerf
Wriggle Buff
Meiling Buff
Ziri Nerf And Buff
Madotsuki Buff
⭐ Temporary Free Tower - Mizuker  ⭐
faketerragenises & jibanyan5555 - Owners of FTD
faketerragenises - Modeling / Coder / Balancer
jibanyan5555 - Composer / Modeler / Balancer / Artist
xXRoblox_DudeXx - Modeler
darkmonitaplays - Animator / Modeler
Scuffed Become Fumo - Allowing Us to Use Their Models
TheSC0UT - Modeling / Coding For Mei ling
Become Fumo and ZUN - Why this game exists in the first place
thank you gnome


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