Welcome to Ballroom Dance, a family-friendly world to roleplay with friends and meet new people! 🕺💃

✨ The NCT 127 band needs you!
They've caused a Rift ⚡ in the Metaverse in their game and particles 🔷 have exploded across multiple Roblox experiences including this one!
Join the hunt every day between the 17th and 26th,
Find the particles and take them back to the NCT 127 event for a reward 🎁

Use code FOOD for 200 gems!

💃 30+ Dances
👗 300+ Accessories and clothing items
👠 Dress up your character and create unique outfits
👯‍♀️ Form dance groups to sync dances
➕ More!

🌟 Join the group to receive FREE special nametags, golden glow sticks, and 100 gems when you redeem code DANCE!

🎵 New dance: Cyber Cat
🎵 New dance: Mokka Beats
🎵 New dance: La La La
🎵 New dance: The Best Time
🎵 New dance: Mister Happy
🏠 New map!
🎵 New dance: Rene
👗 New dress: Emerald
🍨 Cafe and food
🏠 Improved balcony ceiling


There are currently no running experiences.