MERCs are called upon to investigate Anomalous Fields, stabilise the area and neutralise the Subject, a nearly invisible threat with a multitude of powers and the ability to transform into terrifying creatures.

Anomalous Activities is a 1v12 Asymmetrical shooter with horror elements, a focus on satisfying gunplay, teamwork, impactful gameplay and a skill ceiling.

Shared controls are listed in the lobby, the rest is common sense.

Type "gamemode/classic" to enable True Classic gamemode in VIP servers if you are the owner.
True Classic is a gamemode designed to emulate the original Hidden: Source as faithfully as possible.
Progression is not saved if True Classic mode is enabled.
"setclass/support" and "setclass/assault" to change classes in True Classic gamemode.

Votekick can be performed by typing votekick/[USERNAME] in the chat.
You do not need to write the full username.

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