Hang out and play piano, ping pong, basketball, and more!

VR is not needed to play but in order to "be big" you will need a VR headset.
v.1.4.4 - Voice chat has been added, instructions upon joining in VR. Works for both non VR and VR. BUGS/ISSUES MAY OCCURE WITH VC.
v1.4.3 - 3D Pen added and expanded the map a little. If you are in vr you can disable others 3D paint in settings.
v1.4.2 - Lag is fixed!
v1.4.1 - Small fixes!
v1.4.0 - Arcade, bug fixes, and some fun gamepasses
v1.3.0 - Whack a noob and painting
v1.2.1 - More music, UI quality of life changes
v1.2 - Map changes, bug fixes, and non-vr seats
v1.1 - Possible fix for items not respawning

Doing anything that violates the Roblox TOS is bannable such as exploiting or inappropriate behavior.

Enjoy :D


There are currently no running experiences.