⚠️ Prop Hunt prototype is over:
Thank you so much for joining us during our Prop Hunt prototype!! We've been thinking a lot about the gameplay and realized that we didn't build the game we set out to build. While we may revisit Prop Hunt in the future, we're going to close down this prototype for now. We have some other exciting plans for this summer that we're looking forward to sharing soon. ❤️

[Shift]: Sprint
[E]: Open Inventory
[Q]: Drop Item in Hand (prop team only)
[Middle Mouse or G]: Place Ping 
[Ctrl]: Lock camera

👉 Prop Hunt is just like Hide and Seek!

How to play PropHunt:
📡 Join the "Prop Hunt" queue in the Lobby to find a game
👀 Hunters must find and eliminate all props
🪑 Props can transform into different items in the map
🔑 Props can gather coins to unlock rare items from mystery boxes

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