💥 ANIME TALES Simulator💥is a FIGHTING SIMULATOR game created for Anime Fans. We plan to Update FREQUENTLY. NEW CODE AT 25K 👍 LIKES, 
Use code: RELEASE and ANIMETALES for FREE Rewards!  

Current Highest Rank: 18 
Max Multiplier: 16.768Mx 

Transformations; Anti-Magic Grimoire, Darkness Grimoire, Water Grimoire, Wind Grimoire, Lightning Fruit, Light Fruit, Magma Fruit, Ice Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Rubber Fruit, Awakened Rubber Fruit, Sharingan, Byagukan, Senju, Uzumaki

⚔️ Grind your stats to unlock stronger powers! 
⭐ Roll for Amazing skins! 💪 Defeat Bosses! Follow Us on our Socials! 
🤩 Join our Group:!/about


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