Note: If everyone randomly leaves the game at the same time it's mostly like a shutdown to update the game. It's rare but sometimes you might lose some lvls during a shutdown. If you're stuck on the intro, please rejoin the game.

This game is old so some stuff may be broken

Some things have broken over time and will be fixed whenever I have free time.

 About 20% done wasn't supposed to be open yet but idk what dis dude Ben on.

You can't kill players under level 10 and players under level 10 can't damage other players. 

Q - Combat 
C - Charge Chakra 
E - Equip Weapon 
V - Block 
X - Run 
M - Menu 
T - Weapon special if it has one. 

The sharingan does not do anything currently, and yes rn everybody has sharingan. 

Any questions or anything you would like to see in Project Ninja pm wpled 

scripting/weapon building: wpled

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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