Defend Dummykind's last stronghold against the Noob hordes...

Dummies vs Noobs is a wave-based cooperative shooter that puts you in a squad of 8, against a seemingly endless horde of noobs that utilize modern and near-future weaponry. Adapt your weapons, fine tune your tactics and stay alive to see the end of the line.

WARNING: Farming EXP by manipulating or taking advantage of in-game glitches or exploits is a bannable offense. You may not use alt accounts for in-game currency either.

AduriteMaster23 - Various weapon modelling
player_kolan - Model optimization
ioikiller101 - Assistant
SevenRascals - Arctic outfit clothing
pro100ker - Various thumbnails
MrPotato37463 - Music credits
BawakFurry - Co-developer
just_Sandyy - Medic outfit clothing
isaac3523 - Veteran outfit

Various other clothing creators (message me if your clothing was in the game)

L - Votekick
C - Crouch

Brought to you by Migato Creations:


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