{Marvellous Playground}

For Pc/Mobile

  - [1]: Use move 1
  - [2]: Use move 2
  - [3]: Use move 3
  - [4]: Use move 4
  - [5]: Use move 5
  - [E]: Use extra move

  - [Shift]: Sprint
  - [M1]: Basic Attack
  - [F]: Block/Instant Parry

/kill : Reset command.
/freecam : Look at the model.
/arena : Teleports you to an arena

Extra Info:
[Finishers]: When the other player is lower than 21 health you can use the finisher on them you have to be close.

[Counters]: When activate a counter, make sure the other player hits you to activate the move. 

Characters from The Boys, Marvel, Fnaf, Stranger Things and many more!


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