// 🦖 Welcome to Jay's Prehistoric Pets Tycoon! 🐊 //

🐯 Construct your very own reptile zoo from just a single pet to a reptile empire! Optimise your income, enclosures and pet rarities to create the best zoo in the server! 📈🥇😎

// What can I do!? //
🐍 Collect all animals and their different varieties!
🎄 Decorate your zoo in any style you like
🛠 Build the biggest zoo in the server with the rarest animals!
😎 Show off your animals and enclosures to your friends!
🦖 More animals coming soon!

// But I've never started a zoo before!! 😣 //
Jay, who has worked with reptiles for over 40 years, from Jay's Prehistoric Pets is your guide and business partner in founding your brand new zoo! He'll help you out with advice and sell you the eggs you need to get started!

Join the group to see sneak peeks and update information 🦕🙂 


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