💐Welcome to Mecha Simulator🤖!

🥚Added paid egg draw in the first scene.🐣

😊This is a game that simulates fighting between mechas and monsters, I hope you like it, please give us a like👍, and welcome to leave a message in the group! 💬

👍Like for more rewards🎁.

💥 Attack monsters to get gold coins💰,
💰Gold coins can draw robots🤖,
✈️Drone combination summon mech🤖,
🤖Robots can unleash skills 💥,
⭐Upgrade can become stronger 💪,
🤖Mecha above orange can be synthesized ⭐.

👍Please like us, we will develop more free content 🎁.

⭐This update⭐
🛠️Add Robux mech, add more IP mech, optimize the game experience 🤖.


There are currently no running experiences.