💐Welcome to Mecha Simulator🤖!
😊This is a game that simulates fighting mechas and monsters. I hope you like it. You are welcome to leave us a message! 💬
🛠️We once again fixed the numerical problem of the mecha, and optimized the scene and battle. Please don't give us bad reviews, we are working hard to improve the game experience. Thank you all~~🌹
👍5000Likes to receive Code: Robot5000
💥 Attack monsters to get gold coins💰,
💰Gold coins can draw robots🤖,
✈️Drone combination summon mech🤖,
🤖Robots can unleash skills 💥,
⭐Upgrades can become stronger 💪.

👍Please like us, we will develop more free content 🎁.

⭐This update⭐
🛠️15 new mechs 🤖.
🛠️Deleted some cheating players🛠️


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