------ [ R15 ] ------
Welcome to [BEN 10] ALIEN POWER.
-This game was inspired by "Ben 10 Classic".
-For now, this game can only be played on PC. (And mobile too)
-Aliens Updated !
For now it may have bugs but don't worry, updates will come!
-Press T to activate the omnitrix.
-Press Q or E to choose an alien.
-Press V to transform/de-transform.
- Press F to Punch, and G to block.
-Press E to fly (StinkFly).
-Press Shift to Run (Do not use on XLR8).
[TIPS] :
-Before buying a gamepass please read the description because some are not ready yet and will not work!.
-LuckyAura : Clothes Designers.
-Lua_ProgrammerBG : Builders, Scripters.
-GabrielleCO3 : Builders, Scripters.
-SonlcFanMan : Builders.


There are currently no running experiences.