This game was made as a concept and was never/is not officially launched or completed. Was made just for fun and the experience. 

👍 If you enjoy playing the game feel free to thumbs it up and favorite it!

🏁 Sky Racers is a bird racing game where you and 4 other players race to see who is the fastest!

🌸 The foundation of this game was created in 3 days as a challenge from 1CoaI. 

🌴 Inspired off the movie RIO, and the quote:
"If you give yourself 30 days to clean your house, it'll take you 30 days, but if you give yourself 3 hours to clean your house, it'll take you 3 hours."

🔨 Scripted by: TheBexiS
🦜 Parrot Models: 4s_by
⛰️ Terrain Models: Nikii13
⚒️ Builder: Vamonoz
📱 UI Design: & Vamonoz
🏆 Animated and Rigged by: La_yv


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