Welcome to the Alo Sanctuary. 

This is a sponsored experience created by Alo Yoga. 

Explore the island, experience mindfulness with free Alo Moves guided meditation sessions and yoga classes, collect yoga poses for your avatar, and earn exclusive items in the Alo store. 

Come back daily to practice mindfulness, and unlock exclusive items.

Warrior Mat + Alo Yoga Strap - in 7 colors
White Renown Crewneck
Black Renown Crewneck  
Goddess Legging + Throwback Socks + Alo Tank Top 
White G.O.A.T Jacket
Black G.O.A.T Jacket
Personal Aura
Gold Rush Puffer Jacket
Quilted Arena Hoodie + Shorts 
Sprinter Jacket
Sunset Summer Hoodie + Sweatpant 
All items can be worn inside and outside the Alo Sanctuary experience. 


There are currently no running experiences.