✨Take part in the treasure hunt! Find all the secret items across three massive areas!✨👍🏼
Take an epic, football themed journey from your bedroom, through the neighbourhood gardens, streets, park and training grounds and finally to the amazing UEFA Stadium! Race your friends, teammates and the whole world through the obbys to get to the top of the leader boards. Train up to become the best to upgrade your power-ups. Use them all to find secret routes, hidden paths and be the fastest player in the world! Unlock team football kits and even matching boots by earning golden tickets in game.
🏃‍♀️Get the fastest time on 3 massive obbys!
⚡️Use power-ups and level up.
🔶Collect golden tickets to spend on cosmetics.
👕Unlock team kits and support your favourite team.
👟Earn and show-off your football boots.
🏅Earn medals, badges and trophies.
⚽️Play matches with your friends.


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