Happy, the universe's first AI store-cleaning robot, seems to be programmed to do more than just eliminate waste...
Can you survive this horror game and escape Wobmart after dark?

Latest update: 
🌸 New Lily Bundle now available for 699 robux! 
🏆 All escapes now count as wins and grant trophies!
🔊 All new sound effects!
🤖 Bugfixes, improvements, and more!

👍 Remember to leave a like for more updates!

🍎 Find scanners & pick up the items needed to unlock them
👊 Push other players to mess them up & have a chance to take their items
🔓 Complete all 3 scanners to unlock the trapdoors and escape! 

✔️ All sounds used within this game are licensed & may be used in published & live content!
WARNING: Do not exploit. Exploiters will be banned from playing the game.

Panic but with a K.


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