Fighter Simulator! Become the strongest fighter! ✨ World 12 ✨

🛡️ Pick your fighter class!
⚔️ Fight monsters and bosses! 
👑 Level up and upgrade your SKILLS and WEAPONS!
☠️ Fight and defeat other players in PvP!
👥 Team up with friends!
🪐 Unlock new worlds!
🐉 Buy epic mounts!
🕺💃 Customize your character build!
✔️ MORE than the average simulator game!

✨ New world every 2 week! ✨

There are 4 fighter classes you can choose from: warrior, assassin, berserker and raider. Over 36 skills and 480 weapons to unlock!

Use code: 
- 5KLikes

NEW CODE at 10K Likes 👍

Please show your support by 👍 and ⭐ the game! We feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to pour our hearts into creating this game as a two-person development team 🦸‍♂️🦹‍♂️. We hope that our dedication and hard work shine through in the final product!

Programmer and Lead: Arizyen
Builder: excellentAnarchy

Game released on March 6th 2023


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