The game has been saved from decommission! This is the official game from 2019, but rehosted.
Attention all ROBLOX Gamers! Gru needs your help. Mel has used a new power to bring back all the villains and take over 99.9% of the world. In order to help him, you're going to need to use your new "Homing Attack" and "Banana Boost" powers to get through over a dozen action-packed stages and defeat multiple boss characters. You better hurry, or Mel might just win this one!
This game uses an auto-save feature. Your progress will automatically be stored and you can continue where you left off at any time.
Scripting: Penelope P
Level Design: Watereo, robloxian4545
2D Artwork:  John 2D Artwork
3D Modeling & Animation: Tiltwilt
Original Music: Panman Music
Additional Assets: Louis Okidoki, TheRealJimbles, Fujisockie, bighead5853
Migration: popomcnuggets
Dedicated in memory of: Sonic the Hedgehog


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