🏮 1.9.4 - Lunar New Year!
- New Lantern Bomb at the Pavilion at spawn!
- New server info command: /info
- Added badge icon for the Rocket Sleigh!
- Trade requests now show as ACCEPT in the trading list!
- Pet Crates are now easier to open on Mobile!

Dig to China using bombs, nukes, and more! Buy new explosives for digging, and earn points by reaching China! Rebirth to earn even more! 

💣 Explode your way to China! 
🌎 Discover the depths of the Earth! 
💰 Unlock new explosives to dig with!
💯 Earn points by reaching China, and use them to get even better bombs!
🏠 Invest in a house to earn more points!
🪙 Unearth ancient treasures deep underground!
🤔 Can you work your way from a tiny stick of Dynamite to the mighty Tsar Bomba? 
💥 And more! 

💣Join the group for a free bomb!!/about 

Originally inspired by gamedev_happyguy's Dig to China.


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