Welcome to your grand journey, great eggventurer! Upon finding a mysterious crystal in a cavern, you unknowingly unleash a great evil that threatens not only the jungle, but the entire timeline. Will you be able to take on the challenges ahead in order to conquer your journey victoriously?

Take on the pesky rabbit Hopper as you traverse through the jungle; helping the residents, peculiar animals, and locating every last egg to power an advanced device & take back the timeline from chaotic madness!

This passionate project would not have been achieved without the creative inspiration from Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales, developed by the talented Fifteam.

This is a community-developed unofficial Egg Hunt experience, all egg rewards are in-experience ONLY and will NOT be reflected in your Inventory. We appreciate your understanding. Happy hunting! 🐇


There are currently no running experiences.