Prepare for an intense challenge in this simple yet infuriating obby! Failure means a temporary ban from the game for 1 minute. Remember, cheating equals being a noob!

🎖️ Exclusive Rewards 🎖️
Join the group to unlock an exclusive Overhead and Chat Tag! Plus, prove your determination by completing the obby 50 times to earn the prestigious rank of Super Fan!

❗ Important Note ❗
Failing in this game will result in a temporary 1-minute ban from this specific game only, and not from the Roblox platform itself!
Don't try to bypass the ban, you will just make it worse. 😉

👑 ShyFlooo - Creator
💼 isarsindri - Management
🔧 PozziDev - Developer

Join Flo Studio Group:
(Shutdown = Update)

Good luck, and may your journey be challenging! 🚀 


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