I have recently gotten inspiration for this game again, and i will be making changes, i threw out the teams, and i will be making it to resemble DayZ more.

To do list : 
-Finish Air-drop system
-Add Zombies
-Finish adding environment
-Finish Militia Base
-Add Shop System-Add Guns
-Ask Beta people to come in and test or something at some point in time

Admin List (Admin Weapon) : 
-Flapjackie (Not yet selected)
-Unseendanger97 (Not yet selected)
-Therigrox (Blue Camo Sniper Rifle)
-YODA23249 (Not yet selected)

Admins will be rare and few pickings, i will only consider people who have helped with the developement in some way, either if it was an idea, or you could donate a non-stolen model or script that I find very useful, and you have to play here on occasion.

Every admin has their own assigned, specialized gun, which upon becoming an admin, they can request, unless a similar gun is already taken. The admins guns will be clearly noticeable, will come standard wit

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