🌋 Welcome to Stone Miner simulator 🗻

🦽 destroy the minerals on the island and ship them back to base for sale!
🚂 Upgrade your harvesters to unlock more islands and discover rarer minerals!
🐱‍👓 Accumulate golds, get pets, and increase your strength!
🏭 factory, harvester, bridge... There's so much joy to be found!

✨【 Update 2.4】 :
skin bag is online!!!

🎊Enter the code "WelcomeHotpot" for a mystery prize!
- Previous Codes at Discord
- 5w likes code:qeknhhmu
When the number of likes reaches 70000, a new surprise code will be issued!!!

Thanks for your support 😇
💖Newcomers to Discord can contact the manager for another code.


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