Welcome to Forever 21 Shop City, where you and your self-expression come first! Build your custom store, discover exclusive MetaMerch & play with friends.

🏬 Build The “Top Shop”, Rise On The Leaderboard
Build and manage your custom store to become the top shop

👗👖👞💄 Exclusive MetaMerch 
Show off and share your style with monthly exclusive Forever 21 accessories, clothing, and makeup 

🌟 Meet Your Favorite Creators 
Socialize with your favorite influencers in their personalized shops or buy exclusive accessories from the most fashionable UGC creators

🧑‍🤝‍🧑🗺️ Explore
Fly a rocket powered sneaker, jump through the obby, float in a balloon, perform on the Sky Deck or grab a bite from the food court with friends

🛍️ Free “Goodie Bags”
Find secret F21 goodie bags with mystery boosts

Celebrate “21 Day” Every Month 
21st of each month will feature new brand drops and celeb collabs

Developed by Wonder Works Studio & the Virtual Brand Group 


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